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Garage Door Service in Alvin, TX

When you need a simple or complex garage door repair - we have you covered. The team at Garage Door Repair Alvin, TX can provide any garage door service you need. We are happy to provide unbeatable service to the residents of Alvin, Texas and the surrounding areas. We welcome you to call us at any time for fast and reliable service today!

Why Should You Get Your Garage Door Panel Replaced?

You don’t want to wait to get your garage door panel replaced any longer because it damages the structure of the door. Our technicians know how to get your garage door panels back into their previous condition or better. We won’t charge you anything extra or out of the ordinary. Call us if you’re looking for affordable garage door panel replacement services.

What Are Cables For?

We offer cable replacement services for your garage door. Cable replacement is one of the most common services we do for our loyal customers. It can be a tricky job that should be done by a professional at all times.

The cables assist in preventing an extension spring from falling or flying off of the garage due to damage. There are different types that you should know about.

  • Lift Cable - A cable that is attached to the door’s bottom corner and is routed to counterbalance the door.
  • Retaining Cable - Helps prevent the spring from flying or falling off of the garage door.

Our techs always come prepared to fix your broken cables to prevent the need for regular maintenance and repair.

We offer Garage Door Service, Installation, and Replacement

One of our many services is installing and replacing new garage doors. It is important to replace your garage door to add 30% of the value back to your home after years of living there. Our installation services are high-quality and one of a kind. When we complete your garage door installation or replacement we will make sure that there are no parts hanging or dangling around.

Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

Part of our garage door services is helping you choose the right garage door opener for your home. Having a garage door opener that is suited for your home makes all of the difference. There are a variety of garage door openers you can choose from and these are the type of drive mechanisms they have:

  • Chain Driven - The Chain Driven opener is made of metal and flexes under pressure of the door making them the noisier option of the three.
  • Screw Driven - The only option without chains or belts. The beauty of this garage door opener is that because it has fewer parts it is quiet and requires less maintenance.
  • Belt Driven - Due to the rubber belt, these garage door openers are the quietest and most expensive option. They need to be handled with extra care upon installation.

Have use install or repair your garage door opener today!

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Are you needing garage door service? Call the team at Garage Door Repair Alvin, TX now for a consultation and to send one of our trained techs to repair your door. We are available 24/7 to answer your call and repair your garage door.

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